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Our Mission

To educate youth throughout the world in Financial Empowerment, Technology and Violence Prevention one community at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the communities by educating youth and renewing their minds so that they can live a positive life style, one community at a time.

Our History

Gayle Newcomb founder of For Our Youth felt compelled to develop an organization that would work throughout the nations to enhance the education system by helping our youth excel to their highest potential.

FOY is a 501c3 outreach organization supporting the success for youth in the community. We were founded in April 2007, to provide incentives for you to complete their education and create a We partner with other community organizations, business and corporations to encourage youth to develop a process to make positive life choices. FOY’s focus is to empower youth and help them shape their future. 

Programmatic Focus

  • Financial Empowerment

  • Technology 

  • Violence Prevention

For Our Youth Foundation Pillars (M.A.P.S)

  • Motivate

  • Achieve

  • Pursue

  • Success

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